SYMBIOSIS is the exploration of the symbiotic nature between anatomy and architecture through the lenses of “visible engineering” and tailoring. Distilled and presented through a series of proposed “future systems” of progressive digital tailoring/Virtual Reality showroom-runway presentations and multi-medium collaborations. An ongoing investigation into how during times of isolation, remote collaboration within the digital realm can continue to drive innovation and productivity.


The project examines how the long-established aesthetics of tailoring can be subverted by a sculptural-hyper engineered hand & digital approach. Challenging the notion of the traditional through the convergence of advanced digital technology and hyper modern materials.


This was achieved by networking into other digital worlds, disciplines and work flows:


Collaborating with parametric architects, virtual reality builders/coders and digital footwear developers.

This collective approach was undertaken with the aim of discovering how innovative parametric design, new digital design mediums and coding, cross over construction methods & unorthodox collaborations can offer “new codes” as to how fashion is produced and experienced.



Stoney Darkstone


Leon K, Antonio Arocho, Isabel de la Roche


Alena Tsar & Meng


London-based Jonathan Rayson is a graduate from two of the worlds most prestigious fashion and innovation institutions, Central Saint Martins & The Royal College of Art. Holding the title “Master of the Arts in Women’s wear” from the latter, after which he formed his eponymous brand & multidisciplinary design maison. The brands universe is a multi-faceted cinematic exploration of the symbiotic nature between the human form, art & architecture through the physical & digital lenses of sculpture, tailoring & the moving image. Examining how the notion of long-established traditional aesthetics can be challenged, subverted and communicated, as we move towards a catalyst for a more sustainable future of fashion.



Our ethos is the endeavour to develop an alternative form of luxury. A design aesthetic which seeks to merge the convergence point between new forms of expression at-the intersection between the pristine, multi-dimensional & borderless of the meta world with the beautiful imperfection of the physical realm. 



A multidisciplinary collective portal to the here and now & beyond, as we continue along a paradigm that’s equal parts artist, futurist & romantic which manifests in the form of statuesque silhouettes with a consciousness of the form, rendered in limitless luxurious fabrications.


We believe in bold individuality and romancing the future and all its new possibilities, conveyed through curated collections & concepts in the form of tailored “armour” as immaculate as a second skin. Sensual cocoons & juxtapositions built through an intrinsic sense of avant-garde architectural rigour, an intuitive sense of experimentation & sensuality for a new world.



“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

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