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London-based Jonathan Rayson is a graduate from two of the worlds most prestigious fashion and innovation institutions, Central Saint Martins & The Royal College of Art. Holding the title “Master of the Arts in Women’s wear” from the latter, after which he formed his eponymous brand & multidisciplinary design maison. The brands universe is a multi-faceted cinematic exploration of the symbiotic nature between the human form, art & architecture through the physical & digital lenses of sculpture, tailoring & the moving image. Examining how the notion of long-established traditional aesthetics can be challenged, subverted and communicated, as we move towards a catalyst for a more sustainable future of fashion.



Our ethos is the endeavour to develop an alternative form of luxury. A design aesthetic which seeks to merge the convergence point between new forms of expression at-the intersection between the pristine, multi-dimensional & borderless of the meta world with the beautiful imperfection of the physical realm. 



A multidisciplinary collective portal to the here and now & beyond, as we continue along a paradigm that’s equal parts artist, futurist & romantic which manifests in the form of statuesque silhouettes with a consciousness of the form, rendered in limitless luxurious fabrications.


We believe in bold individuality and romancing the future and all its new possibilities, conveyed through curated collections & concepts in the form of tailored “armour” as immaculate as a second skin. Sensual cocoons & juxtapositions built through an intrinsic sense of avant-garde architectural rigour, an intuitive sense of experimentation & sensuality for a new world.



“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”